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Help Us Address the Affordable Housing Shortage
Our team builds cost-effective housing options for the community

It's no secret that there's a shortage of affordable housing options in our area. RBC Construction & Rental Inc. is dedicated to making that shortage dwindle. That's why we plan, revitalize, develop and manage affordable housing communities in Buffalo, NY.

With our experience in the construction industry, you can trust that we're doing everything we can to ensure high-quality housing at affordable rental rates. Call 716-803-4826 now to ask how you can get involved.

We've got a plan, and you can help

At RBC Construction & Rental, we're not just another contracting company. We care about the people in our community. In order to address the housing shortage, we're...

  • Using unused marked land for future developments
  • Designing and building all new homes from scratch
  • Starting off with rental properties exclusively
We're eager for other members of the community to join us and make it possible for more people to get into high-quality homes. Get involved today by investing in our affordable housing construction project.