Out With the Old to Make Way for the New
Hire a demolition crew before you start a construction project

If there are existing structures in the way of your construction project, don't worry. RBC Construction & Rental Inc. provides demolition services for mostly commercial clients, though we'll take on some residential jobs.

There's no limit to the size of the buildings we can demolish, so you can trust your project to us. Call 716-803-4826 now to schedule demolition services.

Our process is simple and thorough

You can count on us to tear down anything, including walls, floors and ceilings through our fast, easy process. When you let us handle the demolition, we will...

  1. Demolish both interiors and exteriors depending on the project
  2. Remove any unwanted furniture and office supplies
  3. Haul away any demolition debris once we're done
You'll be ready to hit the ground running with your new construction project once we've cleared the way. Speak with our contractors today to discuss your demolition project.